Thank God For Mothers!

    Cries of anguish filled the throne room of Heaven. God's chosen nation languished in severe bondage, oppressed by the merciless brutality of Egypt. Heaven rang with cries of confusion at the silence and apparent apathy of God. Cries of desperation in the face of seemingly forgotten promises of deliverance echoed about the Creator.
    The time was right for God to change the world. A child was to be born, sheltered and nurtured to step into the vacant leadership role and bring forth the Hebrew nation. But before that child could be sent, another had to come, a kind, caring soul equipped to bring about the marvelous scheme of Heaven. God sent first Jochebed, a mother.
    Later cries of anticipation filled the throne room of God as the world languished in deadly bondage to sin. These were cries of hope that God would act by bringing forth the long-awaited Savior. Israel anticipated the Messiah that God had promised. Their cries of exultation, prompted by the knowledge of those wonderful promises, would find fulfillment in the coming Lord. The time was right for the world to be changed. A child was to be born, sheltered and nurtured, prepared for the greatest task conceivable, ready to give Himself for humanity. But first another had to come, one pure and submissive, compliant and loving, one equipped to give herself freely, completely, unselfishly. First God sent Mary, a mother.
    Have you ever noticed that every time God sets out to change the world He begins by sending a mother? The greatest gifts from God are always found shrouded in a godly mother's love.

David Bragg


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