Mother’s Measure of Success

     Various standards have been used in mankind's attempt to measure success. Some measure success by awards, peer recognition, or verbal praise. For others, the number of digits following the dollar sign measure success. Some seek success in the trappings of things: cars, houses, “toys.” Success is measured by some in the number of hours spent pursuing their leisure hobby and others by time spent in the office. None of these measures are nearly as accurate as Mother’s Measure.
     Success, to Mother, is measured in spiritual riches and faithfulness to God. When God is revered and His will upheld, to her you are in first place. When you unselfishly serve others she knows you learned well the secret of life. No matter what the world may say, by Mother’s Measure you have succeeded.
    To the faithful Christian mother success is not in what their children “have” but who they are. They cannot fail as long as they can look their mother in her eyes and hear her honestly say, “I'm proud of you for doing your best.”

David Bragg


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