Read: John 18:26-33

    There are many variations to the origin of the carol Silent Night. All agree to the time, 1818, place, Obendorf, Austria, author, Joseph Mohr, and composer, Franz Gruber. In some accounts the hymn was only intended for a one-time performance. But when the tune’s composer played the hymn to test an organ repairman’s handiwork, the repairman so loved it that he sang it everywhere he went, planting the song in people’s hearts, as a sower sows seed, leading to its vast popularity.
    As John records the exchange between Jesus and Pilate, we find encouragement for our responsibility to share the Gospel. Pilate's question in verse 33 is foundational, “Are You the King of the Jews?” Although he had no intention of recognizing Jesus' true identity or the nature of His kingdom, still 50 days in their future, that did not discourage Jesus from answering in verse 36, “My kingdom is not of this world." We must be careful to not allow the world's seeming disinterest in hearing keep us from our God-given responsibility to share with them the Good News of Jesus. Unlike Pilate, some will listen.

David Bragg, Northwest Church of Christ, Greensboro


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