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Training for Success

     Preparation for one’s vocation in life is very important. Whatever career one chooses, the Bible discusses a complete program for a successful life. It serves as a pattern for all of humanity. Below is a brief outline of this training for success.
Mental Growth. Every trade demands instruction in the skills necessary to succeed. To survive in a trade one must be able to perform those skills to the satisfaction of the employer or patrons.
Physical Growth. Maturity is a must to succeed in the adult world. The sophisticated business world of today is no place for the immature and childish. Strength, stamina and drive, traits that come with age and experience, are essential.
Social Growth. To prosper in the marketplace requires a certain amount of the social graces. Although manners are not universally practiced in this sometimes crude modern world, the successful are often the well-liked.
Spiritual Growth. Ethics are still vital in the professional realm. Often belittled or scoffed at, …

The Origin of Valentine's Day

    February fourteenth is one of American's favorite holidays as they spend about twenty billion dollars as an expression of love towards "that special someone." According to IBISWorld, $866 million will be spent on cards, $2.9 billion on candy, $1.8 billion on flowers and nearly $10 billion on romantic dinners. But what is so special about Valentine's Day?
    Like many modern holidays, Valentine's Day has deep roots in religious and secular history. Many secular scholars trace it back to pagan religious observances called Lupercalia. Among Roman Catholic scholars the roots of Valentine's Day are often traced to religious leaders martyred in the third Christian century (498 A.D.).
    According to, while imprisoned just for being a Christian, Valentine is said to have fallen in love with a young maiden (some accounts identify her as the jailer's daughter). Just prior to his death on February fourteenth, Valentine sent a letter to his beloved c…

Doing Unto Others

    Seeking solitude from the demands of His ministry, Jesus withdrew into the region of Tyre and Sidon. The disciples were diligent to shield their Master from any further interruptions when they encountered a woman whose daughter was possessed by a demon. She believed that the only One who could help her was Jesus. She knew that the time to secure His help was now (Matt. 15:21-ff). Yet there was one huge barrier between her and the miraculous help she so desperately needed for her daughter. She was a Gentile seeking help from a popular Jewish rabbi. Being so well aware of the long and unpleasant prejudice between these two groups she was banking on the unprejudiced character of Jesus.
    The disciples saw only a pesky Gentile woman. The fact that Jesus did not respond to her pleas convinced them He shared their view (v. 23). Then Jesus did the unexpected. He coaxed from her evidence of the faith that prompted her to seek His help. He even commended her for the rare quality of her fa…

Jesus is Mediator

Read 1 Timothy 2:5

    Plutarch, in his Life of Alexander, relates the puzzling encounter between Alexander the Great and the Greek philosopher Diogenes at Corinth in 335 BC. Eager to meet the famous cynic, Alexander and his entourage approached Diogenes who was lounging in the morning sunshine. As their shadows fell across the relaxing philosopher, Alexander asked if there was any favor Diogenes wished to ask of him. Why yes, came the reply. You can step to one side, you are blocking the sun!
    Scholars have debated if this enigmatic encounter really happened and, if so, what is its significance. But taking in the scene of the king and the philosopher one thing is clear, Diogenes wanted nothing between him and the sun. As Christians, we are in the same situation as Diogenes. Only we spell the word "SON," not "sun."
    Jesus is our only mediator with God. When you are right with Jesus you are right with God. When you are right with Jesus you are right with others. …